I have been fishing in the gulf of mexico for 3 decades and most of the old rods and reels that we fish with are still holding up because
back in the day when you bought a good reel it was a a good reel and you expect it to last forever,these reels made 30 years ago
did last forever and the rods were tough too but nowadays most everything is junk made to sell and break which makes me ashamed
of what things have become,not matter what just about everything is made to break these days.
What im getting at is I am in the constant hunt for fishing equipment that is reliable,affordable and will last a hell of a long time,now that
my friends is a tall order and I have tried just about every kind of fishing rod that I know about out in the gulf,to tell you the truth all of the
crap poles broke and I still have the good ones which the majority is **shimano fishing** rods surprisingly I say because heck I didn't pay
but about 50 percent less than the other poles I had been buying.
Perhaps it was fate for them thar poles that didnt make it ,some were broke stupidly and some were broke fishing,I did not take count which
ones did what ut I had a hell of a bunch of poles in different brands and now the majority are shimano,I am sticking with them from now on
fro one thing we are saving a chunk of change and they seem to last longer which equals to the fact that they are tougher.

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